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How old do I have to be to apply for a volunteer position?

The minimum required age is 16. The date you must be 16 years old is January 9th 2022, i. e. your date of birth must be no later than January 7th 2006.
Volunteers aged 16 and 17 can only participate in the event with the consent of a legal guardian.

Is it possible to apply even if I don’t live in Bratislava/ Košice or Slovakia

Yes, of course. Place of residence and nationality are not important, but please note that travel and accommodation expenses will be your responsibility. It is important to speak English, at least on a basic level.
In the event of a worsening pandemic situation with COVID-19, we will give preference to volunteers from Slovakia over applicants from abroad.
Are there any requirements in the questionnaire that I need to fulfil?
The basic requirements are age and language skills. A valid first aid certificate is required for the Me-dical Support position.

Are there any special requests from the organizing committee?

In addition to the above, volunteers must meet following criteria:
Integrity – all volunteers must sign an affidavit of integrity. For some positions we may also require a criminal record statement.
Behavior – The organizing committee requires a non-confrontational demeanor and full work commitment.

According to the questionnaire, I have to choose 3 work areas. What if I am only interested in working in one of the selected areas?

You can choose only one volunteer position and leave the other positions open. On the other hand, if you are not selected for the first position, you will be deprived of the opportunity to be placed in another position.

When can I start volunteering, do I need to be available every single day?

Some volunteer positions will start a few days before the official start of the championship and end a few days after the championship ends.
When choosing volunteers, we will also take into account when you can work for us. The minimum number is 10 days. It is possible that you will not work every day, it all depends on the chosen position and the current situation.

What clothes should I bring to work as a volunteer for the championships?

Each selected volunteer will be given a polo shirt, jacket and cap prior to arrival. In your own way, plea-se wear comfortable pants/shorts and comfortable shoes. Please adjust clothing to the position, i.e. long pants and warm clothing are recommended.

If I make a mistake on the registration form and would like to correct it, how should I proceed?

If you make a mistake while logging in, simply log in with your username, enter your password (which will be emailed to you after initial registration) and correct the error.
The only information you cannot change is the login email. If you have made a mistake in your email address, please email with your first and last name, date of birth and correct email.

When will I be informed if I have been selected as a volunteer?

The selection of volunteers will be caried out by personal interview (phone, online or in person). Se-lected volunteers will be contacted on a rolling basis (from August to December 2021) to arrange the format of the interview. The interview will last up to 30 minutes. We will inform the final selected can-didates no later than during November/December 2021. We will send an email to the selected candida-tes with the job title and the start and end date of the position.

Will my travel expenses be reimbursed?

No, all travel expenses are paid in full by the volunteer.

If we have selected you as a volunteer, you will receive a volunteer manual from us by email. Then, during January 2022, everyone will receive training in the selected city.

How can I find accommodation in the host city?

We will send you an overview of affordable accommodation in Bratislava/Košice near the arenas or in the city. We also recommend to follow the booking portals (e.g. or the official web-sites of the cities ( or Arranging accommodation is the responsibility of each volunteer.

Will I receive a financial reward as a volunteer?

No, volunteering is a freely chosen activity for the benefit of others, carried out without remuneration. However, you will receive:

  • a chance to be part of the biggest handball event in Slovakia in 2022
  • meals during the working day (hot B44 fruits, water, coffee, tea). You are only entitled to meals during the day when you are volunteering.
  • a clothing package that will be available only to volunteers. This is a limited edition that will not be on sale
  • certificate of participation in the event
  • a chance to get to know the handball behind the scenes and see the European Championship „from the other side“
  • opportunity to make new friends and have experiences that you would never have as a fan in the stands

Is it necessary to sign a volunteer contract?

The signing of a volunteer contract is necessary on the basis of Act No 406/2011 Coll. on Volunteering. The contract defines the rights and obligations of the recipient of the voluntary activity and the volun-teers. The contract is built to protect the interests of both parties and excludes unfair practices and in-tentions of the parties.

Will I get tickets for the games in Bratislava or Košice?

No, we do not provide free tickets.

Will I be able to watch the game during my work break or when I’m not working?

By default, volunteers will not have access to watch the games live in the auditorium, but you will have a TV set up in a designated area. However, if there is spare capacity in the stadium and especially after consultation with your manager, we may allow those who are not currently working to do so (the volun-teer will only be allowed access in personal civilian clothes) This rule will not apply to matches that are sold out.

Can I ask for autographs and take pictures with the players?

For each volunteer, the contact of any kind (photos, autographs) with players or members of the im-plementation teams in the arena, training hall, hotel and VIP areas will be forbiden. As a volunteer you will be part of a European level event where strict rules apply and a professional approach is required. Your advantage will be that you will experience the behind-the-scenes of a championship.

Will you provide me with insurance if I am selected as a volunteer?

No, as a citizen of the Slovak Republic you are insured by your health insurance company. Volunteers from outside of the Slovak Republic need valid travel insurance, which is their own responsibility.

How will the working hours be set?

The volunteer’s working hours will depend on his/her position and the agreement between you and your assigned Volunteer Manager or Volunteer Supervisor (in agreement with the Volunteer Manager). During the rest period you can use the dedicated space in Bratislava and Košice, which is intended for rest and meals.

Will I receive a volunteer certificate after the event?

Yes, each volunteer will receive a certificate after the event.

Why does the volunteer questionnaire ask me about privacy and what is the reason I have to give con-sent in the attached document?

On 25.05.2018 Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data entered into force. We have an information obligation towards you about the protection of personal data and we cannot process them without your consent. One of the conditions to become a volunteer at the championship is to give your consent to the processing of personal data to the Slovak Handball Association, the main organizer of the event. At the same time, you must give your consent/non-consent to the processing of personal data for the Slovak Handball Federation, so it may contact you in the future about cooperation at events.

Note: Questions and information will be added from time to time as they occur.

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